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Health too is an investment, that grows when you nurture it

Meet Chaithra
Hey there!
I'm Chaithra, Welcome to my little world of health and fitness.
I am passionate about helping you achieve a healthy, nourished body so that you can maximize your energy in order to live a life that inspires and excites you!
As a practicing Nutritionist with Masters degree in Applied Nutrition from the India’s best research centre for nutrition ICMR-National Institute of Nutrition, I emphasize principles of mindful, intuitive eating while incorporating scientific data from current nutrition and medical research.
Thoughtfully mixing health advice and personal guidance, I help you make small changes that reveal and improve your relationship to food, your body, and your emotions and then use your discoveries to create the life you want.


Building a healthy lifestyle is not fast or easy, but it is simple! It takes one good choice at a time, consistently and sustainably.

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