Eating to manage a healthy, stable set-point weight can be confusing, especially after adhering to gimmicky or deprivation driven diets that result in cycles of weight loss and regain. To add this confusion, there exists a new diet book or article for practically each and every day of the year, making it nearly impossible for even the savviest person to know where to turn and  what to believe about how to achieve and maintain a comfortable weight long term.  Its not about eating less but eating right in the correct quantity that will help you lose weight and keep it off.

The only lasting solution to successful weight loss and maintenance is to establish a relationship with food that is non-punishing and inclusive of all foods in moderation. I believe people achieve a realistic weight goal by finding a balance between health and pleasure in their food choices and eating habits. Personalized diet plans are provided that takes into consideration your medical  and physical condition and life your life style. I want my  clients to achieve their weight goals and feel good about the way they are eating.


Step 1

Identifying health goals

The very first step is identifying your health goal. We take our time discussing YOU. We look closely at your relationship with food and lifestyle by obtaining a detailed history of your diet, weight and exercise patterns, current eating habits, food preferences, speak about your health goals, and work towards finding clarity. Then, we create a simple action plan towards achieving your goals together.

Step 4

Medical Report Analysis

Your medical reports will be thoroughly analysed to better understand your body. This helps us in understanding if you are suffering from any disease or deficiency. Your diet and life style changes are made based on your medical reports.

Constant Support & Motivation

We constantly stay in touch with you to keep you motivated towards your goal through any medium convenient to you. We are always reachable and responds at any hour of the day. 

Mindful Eating

Through mindful eating you cultivate a positive relationship with food by learning how-to pay attention to your thoughts, feelings, and sensations around eating.

Step 2


Body Composition Analysis

Full body analysis is done by measuring your body weight, height, body fat, lean muscle mass (divided into different body parts), basal metabolic rate, visceral fat, BMI (Body Mass Index) and more. Measuring these aspects helps us in better understanding of your body and are essential for designing your customized diet plan

Step 5

Personalized Diet & Meal plan

Once we understand your lifestyle, eating habits and your kitchen we prepare a customized diet plan to suit your requirements and practical to go with.

Smart Grocery

Smart shopping is essential to a healthy diet. We guide you which of your favorite foods should be in your shopping cart and which you can replace. We will help you to create and prioritize your healthy grocery list. We will also teach you how to read and interpret a food label so that you can make healthy choices on your own.

Step 3

Counseling session

Counselling session is the integral part of the whole process.We tend to understand you well by focusing on your physical and mental health. We break a lot common myths about food and eating habits and answer all your queries related to healthy lifestyle, clear all doubts related to fitness fads. After we get an insight of you, we work towards motivating you.

Step 6

Weekly Follow Up

Learning how to take better care of ourselves is a journey. In these support sessions,we will discuss the progress, identify challenges you face while  undergoing the process to meet your health goals and to revamp meal plan.

Healthy Kitchen & Pantry Makeovers

One of the first thing you should do when beginning a healthy lifestyle is cleaning out your kitchen, fridge & pantry of all the junk and starting fresh.We will help you to choose between foods and cooking utensils that are good for you and foods that you may need to replace. Of course, not everything will be thrown out. We help you find out healthier options and also teach you the correct portions of foods that you love but that could be hindering your weight goal success.

Dining out tips

Eating out is both fun and sociable. We love our restaurants.

Restaurant food is meant to look, smell and taste great, and that means nutrition can sometimes fall by the wayside when menus feature main dishes drenched in butter or rich sauces, salads with creamy dressings. 

We help you with some simple tricks to enjoying a meal out while sticking to a healthy eating plan