Implement the 3 most scientifically proven interventions

Nutrition|Exercise|Emotional wellness


Nutrition assessment & goal setting

Our program starts with your PCOS Nutrition Assessment. It's in this session that we review all aspects of your lifestyle to get a good picture of what you have been through on your PCOS journey and where you are now.

Body Composition Analysis & Nutrition session

We do few test to check the ratio to lean muscle tissue, visceral fat, skeletal muscle mass, metabolic rate, BMI and more.

A complete nutritional education for PCOS free life. Learn everything you need to know about using food to lose weight without restriction dieting to overcome infertility and to address other symptoms. Receive my practical guidelines on all the major categories of foods so you are set up with your own personal PCOS nutrition plan well after the program has ended.   

Meal planning & Healthy Recipes 

Enjoy a stress free transformation to the right diet using my customized PCOS meal plan.We make sure that your love for food is not compromised and hence suggest healthy recipes of your favourite food with our meal plans to make sure you stay motivated throughout.


Lock-in regular exercise as a permanent habit by completing a comprehensive workout program designed specifically for women with PCOS. We also share with you  instructional workout videos and downloads this coupled with the customized diet plan is guaranteed to give you the desired results.


Emotional wellness

Emotional wellness is the ability to successfully handle life’s stresses and adapt to change and difficult times.Discover a range of practical and scientifically proven approaches for enhancing emotional self-care, and learn how to better manage stress, anxiety, depression and low self-esteem.

Tips  & Tricks to Snack smart & Mindful eating

Make your health transformation a reality through constant support, where we help you apply the program learnings  to your daily life. Through mindful eating cultivate a positive relationship with food by learning how to pay attention to your thoughts , feeling and sensation around eating to overcoming cravings and to snack smart.

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Smart grocery & Healthy kitchen makeover

Smart shopping is essential to a healthy diet. We guide you which of your favorite foods should be in your shopping cart and which you can replace. We will help you to create and prioritize your healthy grocery list. Since the kitchen is our new pharmacy, let's get organized to serve us best. We will help you to take out the unhealthy items that are no longer needed and make space for new things that we are going to use.

Follow up sessions

Learning how to take better care of ourselves is a journey. In these support sessions,we will discuss the progress, identify challenges 

you face while  undergoing the process to meet your health goals and to revamp meal plan.


Constant support & Motivation

We constantly stay in touch with you to keep you motivated towards your goal through any medium convenient to you. We are always reachable and responds at any hour of the day.