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Pregnancy and Lactation


Pregnancy is the time when your body changes every day and reacts differently to the food and nutrition you take in. The mother's nutritional status pre- and during pregnancy is an indicative of the  child's health. Babies born to mothers with poor or undernutrition  tend to be LBW (Low Birth Weight) infants. Obesity pre-conception or excess weight gain during pregnancy poses risks to the mother's health, like raised blood pressure, raised blood sugar and the child's health too.

Lactating mothers have a raised requirement for energy and other nutrients. A calorie dense diet rich in proteins, calcium, iron and other trace minerals and vitamins is needed for production of breast milk and for mother's health.

Why do you need a personalized  diet plan designed by a nutrition expert?

During pregnancy, women receive all sorts of advice from all sides, some based on personal experiences and anecdotes while some as traditions. Various myths associated with food and eating habits, the mood fluctuations, and activities to avoid during pregnancy. There are some important things you need know about which foods are good for you and your baby and which foods you should avoid. Therefore, pregnancy is the time when the role of a professional dietitian and nutritionist becomes paramount.

Making smart choices about pregnancy nutrition can help you promote your baby's growth and development .

Our pre and post-natal nutrition support includes:

  • What to eat and what to avoid during pregnancy and lactation (nursing) period.

  • Nutritional support for proper brain development of your baby.

  • Nutritional support to enhance your baby's immune system.

  • Prevention of morning sickness, nausea and other digestive discomforts.

  • Busting the myths related to pregnancy

  • Trimester and week-wise diet plans depending on the stage of your pregnancy and ideal body weight.

  • Post-partum personal care and weight management during the lactation (nursing) stage.

Proper nutrition during pregnancy and while breastfeeding is essential to ensure both the mother and the baby's good health.

What you eat during pregnancy will not just decide child's health for 9 months but for lifetime.


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