More younger children than ever before are being diagnosed with diseases related to lifestyle and diet such as pre-diabetes, pre-hypertension, cancer and heart diseases. Most of these diseases have their roots in childhood.Healthy eating habits are an important ingredient in raising healthy disease free kids. It is very important to inculcate the right eating habits during your children's formative years. Once they are able to feed themselves, it will be very difficult for you to make changes to their eating habits. The habits formed while they are young will probably be with them for life. The benefits of improving child health go far beyond meeting nutritional requirements for the young. There is lot of misinformation in the media and so it's no wonder that mothers and fathers are confused about what they should and shouldn't feed their children.

This program/consultation will enable parents to understand correct eating practices in the generation where​ there is abundant food options. 

We can help you if your child has following problems:

  1. Increasing weight more than age

  2. Hypothyroid or hyperthyroid

  3. Food Allergy

  4. PCOS

  5. Picky eating habit

  6. Poor weight gain

  7. Anorexia Nervosa (teenagers

Your child’s diet will be and should be a collaborative affair. We will make your life easier and your kid’s life healthier

Investing in early childhood nutrition is a surefire strategy. The returns are incredibly high. 

                                                                Anne M.Mulcahy